Global growth slowing, plunging bond yields & inverted yield curves

The past week has seen a renewed intensification of concerns about global growth. Bond yields have plunged and associated growth worries have weighed on share markets. This note looks at the global growth outlook, why shares are vulnerable to a pullback and why it’s unlikely to be a resumption of last year’s downtrend. 

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Why I still love dividends - and you should love them too

Key points

- Dividends are great for investors. They augur well for earnings growth, provide a degree of security in uncertain times, are likely to comprise a relatively high proportion of returns going forward and provide a relatively stable source of income.

- Including reinvested dividends, the Australian share market has surpassed its 2007 record high.

- It’s important that dividend imputation is not weakened in Australia to ensure dividends are not taxed twice.

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