Five apps and websites you need to know!

These apps and website can make a big difference to how easily your new year unfolds. As the New Year gets underway, keep a handle on all the important goals you're aiming to achieve by simplifying daily life and getting the basics under control. 

Reach your fitness goals with My Fitness Pal

The fitness coaching apps at My Fitness pal can help you manage everything from your calorie intake and weight, daily activity, exercise and sports. Download the apps that suit you and give yourself the support you need to keep your fitness goals on track throughout 2015. 

Wrangle your finances with TrackMySPEND

Make sure you reach your goals this coming year by getting your budget in order. The MoneySmart app TrackMySPEND is a great app you can key your spending into and get an overview of all the ways you’re spending your money. It divides up your spending so you can work out how best to manage your money. 

Unleash your inner brainiac with Lumosity

Build some online brain training into your schedule and improve your memory, attention and general cognitive power! The Lumosity website provides a series of over 40 different games to challenge your brain and exercise memory and attention―all based on neuroscience research. 

Manage your AMP banking and super on the go!

Make sure you’re set up to easily access your finances, wherever you go in 2015. Manage your money and your superannuation while you're on the move with our easy-to-use mobile and tablet apps. Join our many customers and download the apps today at

Delegate your tasks to an app

There’s always plenty to do so why not make life easier with a task-manager app like Any.DO? It integrates important features and is easy to use. You can download the app from iTunes and then key in or voice your commands and never forget a thing!