Australian Super scraps default insurance for younger members

The country's largest superannuation fund will stop automatically signing up younger members for insurance, in an industry-first attempt to slash costs from unnecessary cover.

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Another five great charts on investing

Here are another five great charts that help illuminate key aspects of investing: the importance of time in the market relative to timing; the case to look at your investments less; the relationship between risk and return; the importance of diversification; and the role of property.

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The Global Financial Crisis 10 years on- Lessons learned and can it happen again?

  • The key lessons for investors from the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) are that: high returns come with higher risk; while each boom bust cycle is different, markets are pushed to extremes of valuation and sentiment; be sceptical of financial engineering or hard-to-understand products; avoid too much gearing or gearing of the wrong sort; and monetary and fiscal policy work. The GFC also highlighted the importance of proper diversification and asset allocation. 
  • Another boom bust cycle is inevitable at some point but it will likely be very different to the GFC